Myranthia Restoria


Sign up on the ZifBoard by March 20th for Rewards

Oi, you lot. Jjay, Jacob, Adam, etc. If you see this, then it means that you at least looked at this Obsidian portal. Follow the link to the Zifboard below and sign up. If you do it before March 20th, I’ll grant you two things: 5,000 Gold, and a reusable Xp Multiplier. (I’m just going to count every two weeks as a “Session” due to the lack of actual meeting.) So you can use the Xp multiplier three times. Each time Doubles the Xp you get in the end of the two week session.

Each account on the Zifboards should be connected to your character, and not you personally. i.e. One account is Donatello, another will be Sylfyr, Jacob.
One account will be Aillig, another will be Mormo, Adam.
Then Of course, Azadeus. This also counts for anyone that you decide to drag into my world, doubling your reward and giving them theirs within the month. Fly you fools.

Quest: Create your Character’s Zifboard account to

Reward: 5G’s in gold, and a Three time Xp double.


JayTheSinMagnet JayTheSinMagnet

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