Myranthia Restoria

Evanescent Ballista

Donatello's Defensive Invention

“The bolt freezer runs fluid by a mould that draws heat away and gets compressed at a central compressor in the tower. Alchemical liquids (poisons, drugs, etc.) can then be fired with a razor-sharp point and delivered to the attackers, where the bolts can melt or sublimate and spread havoc. Recommend operators wear gas masks.”

This helmet has a steel face fitted with two charcoal filters (layered with cloth, paper, and charcoal to clear out different size and types of toxins) and mounted on a cured leather skullcap. This entire helmet is fitted to the operator’s head using straps attached to a softer leather side flap, so it provides a full seal and protection all around the head.

The jacket is a Jack of Plates, so inside vital areas are stitched lamellar plates of metal to provide protection from incoming projectiles and certain melee weapons.


JayTheSinMagnet MrJCowman

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